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Jesus said,
"Love your neighbour as yourself".


Debt, domestic violence, homelessness, isolation, ill health - Guildford may seem like an affluent town but there are those who are really struggling.

Many of us long to do something to help, to “love our neighbour”, but we don’t always know where to start.

Guildford Besom began in 2002 to help members of local churches to make a real difference – and to make it easy to do so.

People can help through

- practical work (e.g. gardening, decorating and DIY)
- giving good quality items (e.g. furniture, white goods, clothes, kitchen equipment or food)
- giving money (e.g. to buy food or essential items)


and everyone can be involved.

We work closely with Social Services, Hostels, Charities and many other groups and constantly hear about people living on the edge.

We are then able to match up what is being offered with the needs we hear about.
And those giving are able to know or see first hand the effect their giving has.

Why are we called
"The Besom"?

The name 'Besom' derives from a broom made of twigs – helping people to sweep away suffering..

Contact us via email or phone 07929 037101
and we can tell you more about what we do and how you can get involved.
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