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We helped a man who was given a completely empty flat. We took him a chair and stool. pots and pans, bedding, chest of drawers, bed, curtains, shower curtain, TV and TV stand.

It was all up 7 flights of stairs ! He was so grateful and we were so tired!

He had started off with an empty space and now had a home. We later also took him a sofa! 

He sent us this text: “I would just like to thank u all for everything u have done. u have helped me so much. Thank u and everyone for everything.
Ray (Decorating, garden clearance and skills recipient)

"If I could win the lottery, I’d give it all to the team. I am so grateful."
Burpham Group.jpg
"Very touched to receive beautiful hamper-thoughtfully put together; each item accurately tailored 2 my taste and style made it so special."
We were able help a single mum living in a Women's Hostel. She wanted to give a present to her 6 year son for his birthday. He was not living with her and she didn't have any money to afford a present. We were able to give her Blue Bear and she was absolutely delighted !
Naomi (recipient, after receiving a meals on wheels)

"Food was delicious, first time I can remember that anyone has cooked for me."
Food Delivery

"Wow!!! Cannot express how thankful I am! It look tens times better than I thought it was.

I really appreciate the team and your effort and hard work today.
It is honestly amazing and we are so grateful.

Thank you x
“Names have been changed for anonymity”
Contact us via email or phone 07929 037101 
and we can tell you more about what we do and how you can get involved.
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