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Many of us have good quality items that we would like to give away and the Besom provides a way for you to pass them on to people who really need them. Those helped are often re- housed with absolutely nothing in their new home – for example a single parent family who has escaped domestic violence, or homeless person living in a flat for the first time in years.


It is very helpful if you can send us a photo of the item you are offering either to our email ( or to our Mobile/WhatsApp (07929 037101).

Here is an overview of items that we are able to give to local people in need.  We hope that it will help you to decide what
you can give. Thank you for wanting to give your items through your local Besom.

Household Items


We are able to take good quality furniture, white goods, kitchen items, duvet based bedding, curtains and TVs.

All furnishings, sofas and mattresses require a Fire Safety label. We are able to take electrical items and PAT test them before giving them.

We can only accept used furniture and
white goods that are of good quality, in
good condition and clean (not stained). 
If we are unable to accept your furniture,
a number of other charities, may be able
to help.

Starter Packs


These consist of essential kitchen items, such as cutlery, crockery, a kettle, toaster, kitchen utensils, pots and pans, and cleaning products

Christmas Hampers and Toys


Imagine Christmas without presents, decorations, or special food: this is a reality for many people today.

At Christmas time we love to give away luxury Christmas Hampers and good quality toys to those we have met.

If you or a group you are part of would like to put together a Christmas Hamper, please do get in touch and we can send you a leaflet.



We are able to accept Adult's Clothes and Children’s Clothes for under 5s.

Emergency Food Packs


These packs include essential foods items, toiletry products, cleaning products and sanitary items

Baby Items


We are able to give baby items such as cots and pushchairs.

Contact us via email or phone 07929 037101
and we can tell you more about what we do and how you can get involved.
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